European larch styled


I cared and looked after my larch through all the developement years about 5 years. I grew it in the ground and placed it in a training pot over the
5 years and came to a point last year in December to seek professional help from Harry Harrington in the UK. He has now styled my Larch. This is what he has got to say and What do you think guys of the transformation he has done? Its just wonderful. I will be getting it back after a year of his care.


harry.harrington Before and after shots of the Larch bonsai styled yesterday and today after moving to a smaller pot.

The tree has come to me as a year long commission and the main problem it had was that the apex was way to the right of the base. Secondly the tree was too tall for its trunk diameter and needed reduction to make it look more powerful.

We are now in the best period of the year to repot Larch.

They aren’t the easiest of trees to transplant successfully but in January, in the dead of winter and long before the buds start to swell, seems to be the best time of the year to interfere with the roots.

The deadwood will be updated later in the year once the fresh wood has dried out.

This is also Youtube clip of him working on my Larch


It’s very nice and it’s probably my preference from listening to Ryan preach for so long…but my first question was why would he build the Apex back over the base with such strong lean and all the deadwood suggesting age. I do respect his work I think he makes some amazing trees, so it would literally be more of a question to further my knowledge than a critique.

You have built a very nice tree and he has moved it along nicely as well! Strong work all around

If you are happy with it that is all that matters.


Hey, here is the Larch recovered from the pruning, styling and repot. Now its bursting with energy.


Hey guys, a wee follow up on this.

I see Harry done a partial defoliation with my larch. Anyone have any experience or thoughts?

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Can you share how much he reduced in the partial defoliation? Curious if the 70% holds here?

I can pass the question on to him? Can you explain a bit more though please?

Basically how much of the foliage did he remove? Did he send you any pictures after he did it?

Hey he said

The main tree featured in the video is yours; I did that 3-4 weeks ago and there’s new buds swelling and opening everywhere. I think I’m going to have a fairly detailed year long video on it development by the time I’m finished!

The tree right at the end of the video must have had at least 3/4 of the foliage removed. A strong larch can take that at midsummer :wink:

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Sounds like he takes off about the same amount of foliage as when you cut the new shoots back to two buds as Rayn recommends. The advantage of Harry’s approach is that it will leave multiple buds along the shoot that can develop into side branches - great when you want to add length. I am thinking we could combine the two partial defoliation techniques - use Harry’s needle stripping where we want to add length and Ryan’s cut back where we want to add density.

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