European Larch design

Hi, I have this Larch since 2008, I repoted this Spring in a rectangular pot but I haven’t photos.

I think it could improve making some adjust but I don’t know…maybe remove the first two branches or reduce large branches…what do you think!?

Thank you!


AWSOME! Looks ok I’m THIS pot. A lillte deep maybe.

Western larch, or Japanese?

Lol @KurtP read the thread title :joy:

Yup, missed that. Got lost looking at the trees and missed the forest.
Was fishing for L. eurolepsis or deciduia, and not occidentalis, or kamferia. They grow a little differently.
Not sure which would be available on the Iberian peninsula… I have 20 Japanese and only one Western latch here in Washington state.

Still, an awsome larch bonsai. @ VICKY.


Yes, an European but could be an hybrid between Japanese because it has a darker green, smaller and thick leaves and some shoots start purple and later become green.

I don’t know, I bought it as raw in a Garden Center 10 years ago.

Never get flowers or cones, a pity :sweat_smile:

I think this tree is nice already. It is what it is. The only slight adjustment you may want to try is lowering the branches a little further. It is a nice tree. Traditional style - which is ok. We’re not going to start killing trees only because they’re styled more traditionally. Not their fault… :slight_smile: you may try a more non-traditional pot or a slab in the future to you want to deviate from traditional…

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Thank you @rafi, I thought compact the tree but I don’t know…as you said it is a traditional design for a conifer.
As well I could give some shape to the pads, maybe more angular nor so round.