Help needed styling my European Larch

Need help styling my European Larch. Any ideas are welcome.


Hi @Ali.Bonsai,
Not easy to style in leaf. You can clean it up and reduce structural faults for now. Save wiring until next spring

Thanks @AndyK I have cleaned it up. I will take your advice and not wire anything this season. In terms of structural faults could you be more specific. Ill post an updated pic of it cleaned up. I haven’t reduced any foliage just got rid of some dead branches and kept some to Jinn at a later time.

Hi @Ali.Bonsai
I recommend the most recent stream on larch. I’m only half way though (I keep on getting inspired to go and play with my trees), but it’s gold.
Get rid of areas of swelling, take 3s down to 2s. Looks at images of latch and next spring try to wire in the classic downward sweep with upward flick at the ends.
If you put the primary branch in the best position to photosynthesise, the rest of the design will follow.