Help with organizing structure thoughts

I found this large larch. Love love larch
Not much where I am for product options.

So it’s clearly needs to have initial structure set. Branches cut.
I have been looking at this objectively and see a possible chop to make it smaller or simply angle it more and Shari or Jin the back.

But I would love some advice here. So WWRD (what would Ryan Do) with a large specimen like this?


Man, I’m jealous. I too love larch. As far as WWRD, he’d clean it first. Looks like the nebari is already found.

I would not do a chop on this one. It has beautiful movement and a nice soft natural taper. After cleaning I’d identify your primary branch and set it. Let that dictate the rest of the design and silhouette. Without seeing a full rotation I’d say that the fourth pic is your front.

Like the reef tank. Makes me miss mine. Don’t miss the maintenance though. :weary:

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Nice larch and lovely bulldog :slight_smile:

Find your front first, then select branches.

I agree with the comments above. Pictures against a less busy background would make it easier to give specific feedback.

Why did you bring it into a space where food is prepared??

Use disinfectant spray an wipes and keep soil out of the kitchen. Good practice is to wear gloves when working with any garden soil.
Oh yeah… nice tree.

That fourth photo down has my vote for your front. Great possibilities and great tree!