European larch made in swiss

This smal larch I found in our swiss alps. It is since 2011 in a pot and I styled it in 2013. This are the pictures right after I found it.


The tree is now in a pot from tokoname (Tazan)


What do you think about the tree and his pot?


Fantastic!! I hope to find such great material to start with. Very well done IMO.

Kudos to you, Stefan…:wink:

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Really nice job, I’m sure you’re happy with just waiting 3 years for something which looks like that : )

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This is a fantastic transformation. The material you selected was nice to begin with. The transformation you achieved is awesome.

I need to remember this thread as an example of transformation.

Very well done.

@Gmuer when did you change the planting angle? At the time of the repot in '13 or was it at a later repot. I love this transformation. From collected to this…every time I look at it I am impressed. Very well done.

very nice pot, fantastic trunk line. I really like how the curve of the pot guides the eye in the direction where the trunk line moves.