A little error in Larix streams

Hey Mirai team, thanks for all the awesomeness that is mirai live.
I happened upon a tiny error you might want to fix. In the stream “Larch spring work”, the tree worked is described as “Japanese larch - Larix kaempferi” in the right hand column. In the stream “Larch design” the same tree is described as “European larch - Larix Laricina”.
European larch is Larix Decidua.

Totally not a big thing, but you guys seem to be pretty serious about you kaizen. :slight_smile:


Hi, the larch in the stream is a european one. The shoots of a japanese larch are more reddish. An the needles of a japanese larch are more bluish-green. The needles of this larch are bright-green.
but regardless of that it is a great tree and that is the most important thing :star_struck:

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I’ve seen kaempferi with a variety of foliage color. Bluish-green and bright green both. The shoots is another thing - good eye!

I have both in my collection. The japanese one have cones for years and my collected european none. So for me another indicator, that ryan’s is a european.