My little Fukien tea tree possible fronts

Any suggestions or opinions I’m trying to decide my next move on the design I have three possible fronts shown here .

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I like how much movement you get in the first, but the second gives you must as good movement, but seemingly better branch placement.

3 in a shallower, wider pot, maybe a round one, with the canopy over the edge, like in one of the recent streams. Red or orange would work to contrast the green leaves and white flowers. A turquoise or light blue to give it a softer look that makes the leaves pop. Stronger blues would really make everything pop, but may draw too much from the slender tree. Would still look good though.

Man, I really need to get one of those…


I like the movement of the third shot, but the apex feels like it’s moving away. An angle change could probably address that fairly well though.


I’m definitely slimming down the pot and most likely going oval . I like the idea of a turquoise pot, funny I’m also planning to repot my pomegranate which is in turquoise pot into an unglazed one I’m eyeing on Mirai’s site.

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I really liked number 3 but felt the same about it reaching back and away. I’m definitely going to play with angles now that you mention it.

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Consider taking the first section away from vertical when doing your angle change.

What did you end up doing? I liked the branching in pic 3 the best, but wondered about the angle change to correct the apex…
And the pot? Did you go blue?

Still in that pot still growing I figured I’d wait til next spring to repot

Is that under a blurple indoor plant light? Did you do any research on the PAR/DLI needs of a bonsai, and does it get any natural sun at all?

I’ve been reading up on them, but it seems like too much blue spectrum could produce longer internodes.

Do you feel like this bulb provides an advantage above the disadvantage of not having an even white color lighting up your plant?

I like F3 as well, but would replant it with the trunk coming out an an angle. Either angle (pushing the apex up or down) could work, but I wonder what it would look like as a semi-cascade…

Another question, since I just got one of these: do you prune yours year-round, as shoots push out 6-8 leaves, or do you wait and prune only at certain times of the year? How often to you wait to remove all the sucker-leaves that come out everywhere? Will some of those ever turn into shoots if you wait long enough?

Im sorry I just saw this. so that tree spends three seasons outside it was only under those lights during its first winter indoors. I did end up liking the light It seemed to keep my foliage really green. it did tend to make it leggy, but the plant seems to have almost double the foliage outside so I’m not sure how much the light helped I didn’t use it this winter I kept it in the warmest room in my house in close proximity to a south facing well lit window and it seems the same