Which design appeals to you most?

I wanted to get a idea of which style people like best (1-5)? using the base I’ve leaned toward harmony mostly







1, 4 and 5 start to look very “extended” for me. i also feel, that he bare section is missing any taper. I would lean more towards moving the tree back on itself like potentially 3 (and a wedge cut in the straight section, which could also address the knuckle)

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If you’re not going to use the bare section to form part of the apex you should cut it off. Otherwise that bare section is thicker than the branch that will be turned into a trunk to form the apical area. That’ll be difficult for the viewer to reconcile in the design.

That’s the first decision to make. Will the bare section be part of the trunk or not. If not, then jin it or cut it off. If it will be part of the trunk you can reconcile the bare area with branch placement or if you’re feeling really frisky you can do some scion grafts.

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Thanks yes I do like 3. I also like the others…

yeah I am happy to either use it or loose it just depends what design I go with. Its not barked up yet so shouldn’t be a problem to graft if need be.

So which number is your choice then Bentley?

It’s hard for me to tell which of those designs is keeping the bare section. Generally, I like 3 because I like for there to be balance. However, 3 seems like it will compress the design on top of a slenderish trunk. Slender trunks typically call for elongation.

The base seems strong enough for you to go to the right. Then you can play with a tension design to reduce the feeling of the elongation. Again, that’s my bias of wanting balance. It may be more dramatic to have it harmonious.

The more I think about it the more I feel like the push to the right is the way to go. 3 is kinda expected and safe while also having an ambiguous story. Let’s be dramatic. I’m picturing a rocky outcropping and this tree is trying to reach out for sun because it’s at the edge of a grove.

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I say 1, for it extenuates the feminine aspect

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I prefer 1 as well. Don’t let the lowest branch on the right get too long.

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#5. You have more movement while still pulling off center. More wiggle, more better?

You could also play with the trees angle and have more options.

so this is what my man Ryan came up with:

  1. Try using the whole tree by bending down the long bear bit at the top to create a main branch to the right with the apex near the big bend and a return branch at the back:

  2. Move the apex lower and more to the right on the main branch:

Its a flexible design and if the bend doesn’t work I can always revert back to one of the original plans

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Nice. Keep us posted!