Vitex Upright Design

I recently did an initial styling on this upright Vitex. But there are areas that I’d like your inputs

  1. The junction right below the apex. There is a branch going to the right, obviously very hard pruned, but it’s actually sprouting new leaves. There is another branch going to the left which I removed as it counters the current apex, but I’m thinking if it would be nice to have a lower foliage that compliments the design

  2. At the lowest branches, there is a branch on the right coming from the left trunk. Aesthetically not very pleasing, but should I go about grafting to the right trunk? It seems too much of a risk but I’d love your suggestions.

  3. Any other suggestions you have for this tree, I’m all ears!


Hi Pakorn, welcome to the community. You’ll be spending hours each week on here!
Here’s my take but obviously take it with a pinch of salt.
1 What does it look like if you rotate the tree 15 to 20 degrees clockwise?
2 You could alter the angle of the tree a bit which may take the fork slightly away from beneath the apex.
3 I think you’re right, you could have a lower apex and a higher apex which (to me at least) would look good.
4 The lower branch coming from the left trunk across the right trunk would look good if you could get it to leaf out where it crosses. This then could be a short branch which only protrudes passed the trunk a couple of inches helping to break up the right trunk and adds a natural feature.
Only my pennyworth. Don’t forget to keep us updated how you progress.


Thank you for your feedback! I’ll post some updates as he progresses.