Does anyone have any suggestions on where to take this design

I have styled this tree from nursery stock and it is being fertilized heavily to produce back buds so that it can be reduced. Any suggestions on what to keep and what to eliminate or change would be greatly appriciated

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Fun tree! I would get rid of the lower left branch and compress the upper left. This will narrow the silhouette. There is one high branch on the left that I might lift up a bit.
The foliage seems a little squished together. For now focus on getting each primary branch into a good position. Don’t worry about the foliage creating a unified mass, that will come with time. Decide on a general shape for the silhouette and try to get the foliage approximately into that shape.

Thank you my plan eventually after I see how it responds this year to the repot is to get rid of that lower left branch like you suggested. On the right side what appears to be just one branch is actually two, I want to take the rear of the two and bring that around the back to the left. Also it seems so cluttered right now in Hope’s that I can get finer back buds and reduce maybe early next spring

Its a nice tree, you basically just need to tweak a few pads and eliminate the left lowest branch. It appears to be inside of a curve and forming a bar branch. Could be kept as a short jin. Then get a little more separation between the pads, add movement to the right lower, move the apex to the right a little more.

An alternative, assuming the left lower is actually a back branch and isn’t forming a structural issue.

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