Bar branches on stewartia

Hey guys,

I could use an extra set of eyes on this.
Not sure if I should cut one or two of the lower branches on this tree. The bar branches kinda bothered me a bit ever since I got this tree.
I butchered two virtuals, what dou you guys think?


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My opinion would be to prune the upper of the two branches, as in the third image. If you took off the bottom one, you’re left with what I think is too much bare straight trunk.
However, I’d also want to play with planting angle and rotating the front a little bit to each side. That might make the lower trunk more interesting, and allow to remove both branches. Maybe raise the right side of the pot so that the middle section of the trunk is leaning just past vertical to the left?

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I agree with @Chado-ojisan and add that I would direct the branches upwards, give them more movement in fall. Many are too horizontal imo.

I would also remove the second on the left. I would also remove the second on the right as it is in the inside of the curve just above some slight inverse taper (at least it looks like that. Leaving the bottom left will help thicken the trunk.

Thanks for the feedback guys.
I decided to cut one for now and wired the main branches up a bit. Seems to be working, looks more like a stewartia now. After leaf drop I’ll refine it more. I’ll also play around with the ange on its next repot.
I can’t remove the one on the inside of the curve cause that one is the only branch going to the back.
And yes, there is a bit of inverse taper going on.
When I got it, that curve in the mid section of the trunk was a huge bulge with ton of branches coming out of it, so I carved it out to be a curve instead.
There were three big scars left, only one left to heal, and that one is closing well to.
Unfortunately I had to sacrifice some back branches. Tried grafting new ones at better positions two times, they both failed. I have some cuttings rooting and I plan to do an approach graft when they are big enough.


Looks good! It’s definitely has more personality and character now.

I didn’t watch carefully the back branch is indeed less of an issue.

Looks good.