Pee gee-restyle from Q&A

This was in the most recent Q&A and I took Ryan’s advice. Got a couple 50/50 breaks, so left an alternative apex branch to see how the main long one heals. I am going to say I trusted Ryan blindly here because I don’t know where it goes from here? Would the move be to eventually remove the drop branch and go full literati or just an elegant tree with some iterations of the drop branch?

Anything, advice (good or bad) would be great because I am sitting on the feeling of hmmm :thinking:. Thanks for anyone’s words in advance!

Restyled with advice taken


nursery stock

post initial repot-flower


I share your hmm I think it is caused by parallel lines, don’t change it now but after the growing season.

So the small middle parallel line I kept because of the two 50/50 breaks on the big move. So hopefully I can take that off. My main question is would I eventually remove the drop branch?

I don’t know why you would remove the drop branch unless you wanted to elongate the design, the drop branch fills that negative space. if it was me I would leave the tree to grow and see what it gives you.

Thanks and I don’t want to remove it, I didn’t totally understand the direction of the design. This won’t get touched until I see how the tree responds I was just hoping for better understanding.

I would think it is to keep your eye in the design

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