$40 boxwood, help design

Struggling with any sort of lose or basic design ideas for this boxwood. In the half-dead section of the nursery for $40 figured with that trunk it was worth it. Any ideas suggestions or ways of thinking through it, when the time comes for that scope of work would be greatly appreciated.

My thoughts and maybe I’ll get a lesson here but you could take trees to two and remove bar branches then wait til next spring to repot them prune after hardens late spring

I think…well hope, that your spot on because that was as far as I could get conceptually. Then I came here to see if anyone had something more speak to them at first thought.

I do appreciate the really sound advice, thanks for the reassurance to let the tree lead the dance

I wound clear out some of the small branches at the base of the main branches and cut back the long shoots so you can get a better idea of the structure of the tree. Don’t cut back too many of the small branches since some may be useful. We might be able to give more concrete suggestions after you do that clean up if you post multiple views against a plain background. I would plan to repot in the spring which may or may not include a change of angle.

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How set are you on the view you’re showing as the front? It looks like you might get a little more width to the base if you go clockwise a little? What are the shallow roots like?
But, yeah, general cleaning, explore for nebari. Then look for base, defining branch, and apex. I’m still at the point of just staring at most of my trees without making many decisions, other than “well, let’s see how it grows”.
But my impression here is that the defining branch goes long to the left, right side shortened, apex pulled from left to right, not quite all the way over the base, and reduce the height by 20 or 30%.
No idea how boxwood behaves, though. Good luck!

I appreciate it, I think it’s clear I should clean it, repot it in the spring and then ask for advice.
Thank you