Korean Boxwood Styling

First off, I think this is the buy of the week. Was orginally for sale for $125, but the nursery was having a 30% off sale.

Any thoughts on design…looking for insipration.

Will need to watch the Boxwood Primer and Styling Videos before getting to work later in the spring. Will probably replant this year rather then hack away at it. But still looking for some inspiration.


Nice tree. First thing I noticed is the trunks forming a square. My personal preference (You may differ) would be to separate one of the trunks, use it to create a new tree. The last photo is my preferred option. The roots will need a bit of work to prevent them crossing. Another alternative would be to put spacers between the trunks. Try to get different spacing and angles. Maybe this way you could keep all four off the trunks.

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