Free Landscape Boxwood material

My wife was on Facebook last night and saw a post of a homeowner in our area looking to get rid of 6 large landscape boxwood. I of course jumped on it in the chance they had some potential. I got them dug up and found 3 of them having massive trunks:) this is my first collection and hoping the boxwoods are resilient enough to tolerate the mistakes I am sure to make. I’ll post updates as I progress through the process.


extremely resilient, they shouldn’t even skip a beat on what you got out for root mass.


How cool is that. I wish people would post stuff like that here. Looks like potential material, time to start digging into the boxwood video’s

Got them into wood boxes and started cutting back.

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All pruned up with no where to go:) (greenhouse is full)

Definitely watch the Rodney Clemens boxwoods streams while your waiting on them to get strong. The guy is the boxwood guru!

Greenhouse looks nice is that a prefab kit?

Actually just finished it! Great video:) yeah it’s a prefab kit greenhouse. In retrospect I should have built one myself. This think cannot hold heat. Have to constantly heat it at night:/

Like a pro. That was a good amount of foliage to remove. Regardless boxwood are resilient. Depending on how much soil is removed I let the trees get established for a year sometimes two before doing aggressive work.

Start looking at boxwood Bonsai and spent lots of time thinking about primary and secondary structure for the next step.

I really like to spend a lot of time before tree design.

I rarely do a complete makeover in one session like is so often shown on Bonsai videos.

Great score on those trees.


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