Serbian Spruce Design

Started cleaning up this nursery find yesterday, and I’m stumped (pun intended) on what to do with it. There are so many trunks, it’s like I can’t see the design through the tree.
There are two potential fronts I can see, and 4(?) trunks to definitely keep. The rest seem jinable/expendable. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Wow Is there such a thing as a broom type spruce.

When you try to wire it, the wire will let you know which bits need to come off. I would want to show that lovely trunk off, so would lose more of the spindly stuff. Can’t see the tree for the wood.

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I’m loving the old feel, but the two thin trunks in the back are a quandary. They add depth, but I’m not sure they serve the overall composition.


Nice job cleaning up and finding a clump design. I think you did well, looked like a daunting task. I think the two thin rear trunks add to your design. While not essential, they do add depth for the time being. I would keep at least one of them until some branches develop and fill in the space. Off to a good start!

Thanks for the feedback!
I’ve made some changes since posting the update. Here’s where it stands now, and going to rest for a full year before repotting etc. Maybe 2 years…image|666x500