Blue Spruce Design

I’ve started my initial styling of this nursery stock blue spruce (apologies for the amateurish wiring). I purchased it because it had clearly experienced a trunk chop at some point causing the lower branching to become very chaotic. I hoped there would be some potential inside because it was very thick. The tree is still in its original soil but I’ve placed some pumice on top to help with the visualization.

I love the movement of the trunk and it wanted to accentuate it as much as possible. The nabari work well with the curve of the trunk, giving the whole nabari-trunk line a nice S shape. So I am happy they were hiding in the soil.

I think making jin out of the lower right dead branches could look really good and help to accentuate that nice curve of the trunk.

My main question here is what to do with the top. I’ve already chopped an additional 6 inches off the top. Should I chop or jin more of the trunk? Or do I need the full length to fit with the thickness of the trunk? I like the lean to the right of the current top of the tree so should I give it a trim and wire it further to the right?

Thanks for the thoughts.

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