Collected spruce styling

I worked on this Spruce this past weekend and gave it an initial styling. I left the Deadwood original length from collection. But thinking about cutting it back. Would it look better about half the length that it is now? Allowing the apex to be better seen?



How does it look rotated 180 with the deadwood in the back?

I didn’t take any pictures from the back but you can sort of see in overhead pic that the apex would be climbing away from you.
I chose this front for most interesting base and overall movement.

Was thinking about cutting back to here but I struggle trying to decide how much to leave.

That’s where I’d recommend, but also taper the jin down to that significant angle change below.

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Agreed. I was thinking just above there, at the knot. Cutting it there and then crushing, stripping it down from there to get a more natural looking break. Leave it long you can always remove more. Try to avoid creating a big circular hole on the upper right.
Good looking tree.

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Great point Moon. I didn’t even notice how bare that spot was. Will have to peak the jin in that area. Thanks.