Washington pumice supply

I am driving to the Olympic peninsula from Texas for a vacation. Staying in Port Hadlock. Pumice and small sized lava is hard to find in Texas. I was hoping to get some bulk pumice and lava while in the area. Any supply yard recommendations?

Small lava is collectable (with a permit) about 2 hours south of Portland. But you have to sift it yourself. Otherwise you might be able to find it at a landscape supply place along the way. Haven’t really found it locally in nurseries.

As for pumice you can find it at a lot of places between Portland and Seattle, depending on how you are getting to the Olympic peninsula. Probably stopping in most nurseries will get you soon.


Awesome, that helps thanks

Can’t speak much to that area in Washington but I can give you some leads for shops in the Portland, Oregon area.

  • This store Concentrates Northwest is a regional supplier for different sizes of pumice. They sell bags of 1 cu. ft of different sizes (small, medium, large). Bags of Fine Pumice on their webshop. Requires sifting but you’ll get a good amount of material from each bag.

  • Portland Nursey will likely have bags of this pumice (:point_up: ) in stock on the floor. Prices are good - but if you’re looking to get a lot you may limited by what they have on hand

  • Mt Scott Fuel sells pumice in big volumes. I have not purchased their product - but I’ll assume that the sizes are unsorted and the usable material may be rather small