Pumice supplier online?

Does anyone have a pumice source in the US (East Coast) they order from online? I just used everything I had on a yamadori and the place I order from is out of stock … bonsai life promblems!

I am curious too! How about the gambit? Does any one have a good quality Akadama, Lava, and Pumice source?

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I divided my purchases amongst several retailers this year, all happened to be in Florida. From the looking I did all were comparatively priced and I am happy with the products.

  • American Bonsai supply has lava (red and black), pumice, and several other aggregates in various sifted sizes. The only draw back is they report they are severely understaffed and it took over 2 weeks for them to ship my order so you shouldn’t be in a hurry when ordering.
  • Wigert’s Bonsai has akadama, pumice, and red lava. Also the only store that I have found so far that stocks Mica pots. They ship fast. My only small complaint here is no matter how much you order you will be paying the shipping costs.
  • Bonsai Jack has lava (red and black), pumice, and other various aggregates. Ships fast. I haven’t done a thorough check but they advertise that they screen to 1/4 inch and that seems to be the particle size you get, nothing much smaller or larger.
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Where on the east coast are you? I buy bulk pumice and would be happy to share the haul if you’re anywhere near Rhode Island.

I am pretty close to Rhode Island, Easton MA about 45 min from Rhode Island

Wow! Thank you for the really great heads up!

I am in Mid Coast Maine! Unfortunately not near Rhode Island

Well, if you ever feel like making the haul I’ve got a couple tons in the yard and I’m always happy to share with fellow bonsai nerds!

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Well that is motivation in its self! Even just seeing other Mirai practitioner’s works would be great!

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I have also used Bonsai Jack before with success. I’ll add another vendor. https://www.generalpumice.com/ I’ve placed many orders with them and hand had good product and if my math at the time worked, the pricing was as good as any I saw for the East Coast.

@LaughTale-Peter I am in mid coast maine as well! I’ll message you as I could use more soil components across the board.



Ive been buying my pumice from buildasoil.com, free shipping to boot.

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I buy pumice from Jonas at Bonsai Tonight. Yes, he is on the West Coast but is reliable and carries a good grade of soil and soil mixins.

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