Searching for small lava

then I sieved out pumice --I got shohin pumice the same for akadama. YET with lava got received may a 1 cup full. I in need of some really small lava for my shohin tree. Does anyone know where to get lava that small?


Our local bulk landscaping rock supplier carries red and black lava sand… 1/16 to 1/32".
They discontinued 1/8–1/2 " because nobody used it…
Local club will have to special order a half ton to get by… I only need 25-50 gallons, about 1/32 ton.

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The landscape places I’ve been to have a lot of stuff that’s maybe .75" to 1.5" in size. The landscaping places near me call it cinder or scoria lava (to differentiate from other types of lava rock). That size is a bit too big, so I’ve been crushing it with a sledgehammer, but it is not really efficient in terms of time or proper particle size (it ends up creating a lot of dust).

I’ve seen places online that sell lava, but the price is a lot higher than what I can source locally (but at least it’s the right size). I’m also lucky enough to have a local place with plenty of proper sized lava at the correct size, which I’ll probably buy once I get tired of crushing my stash manually.

Another thing to bring up, though, is that I believe Mirai puts most (if not all) shohin in pure akadama. Just food for thought.

Try American Bonsai Tool & Supply Company: I think their LavaMax Colorblend mini will meet your needs. I believe you can buy a quart, 1 gallon or 5 gallon volumes.

Dunno where you are located, but if you’re driving distance from Yuma, AZ, the nursery there sells buckets of about 3 gallons of .5" and smaller lava for under $3. After sifting, you end up with maybe 1 gallon of waste.

I spent New Year’s Eve 1991 sleeping under a bush at the agricultural checkpoint near Yuma. Trying to hitch to San Diego- it’s all coming back to me!

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