Sourcing lava rock

Would appreciate if anyone has tips for where to source lava rock in quantities around 50lbs bags.
Use will be Akadama/pumice/lava soil mix.

Location is Seattle and I haven’t had much luck sourcing locally. So far the online options i have found are very limited for particle sizes and quantities, and seem more costly than necessary for this product.

Any tips greatly appreciated. Thanks to the community.

I recently ordered a large bag of black lava from Home Depot.

1/4’’ Lava Rock

Looks like they have pumice too if you needed it, but being in the PNW, I’d think you’re good on pumice sourcing

I have also ordered lava rocks from Bonsai Jack

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I live in CA, but found a good supplier that ended up being a fertilizer and gardening supply co-op. Maybe check there? If you want to look it up to find something similar, look up Whittier Fertilizer Co. They had tons of lava and pumice.

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I get my 1/4” red lava from a local “sand & gravel” place. You know, the places that sell landscape stone and pebbles and various types and colors of gravels. They have different sizes of lava with 1/4” being the smallest. It’s mostly true to size but after I sift it I get a good quantity of 1/16” and some 3/8”. I fill my own 3 gallon bags for $5. I’d suggest researching sand & gravel companies in your area that allow retail customers to come in and bag their own.

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Go to joes landscaping I to live in seattle and as far as I know he is the only who who sells lava rock at a cheap price.


Thanks for the tip renzo!

Happy to help. i hope you succeed on your bonsai journey :slight_smile: