Soil recommendations?

Hey everyone,

I want to replant a new Juniper that I purchased so I checked out the beginner series video on soil. It looks like the best thing to do would be to purchase akadama, pumice and lava rock separately - then mix them together in a 1:1:1 ration. Does that sound correct?

Would anybody recommend a pre-mixed soil that would be Mirai approved? I’m kinda hesitant to buy all 3 individual rocks just yet since I don’t have very many bonsai starting out.

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Jonas @ sells a mix labeled clay king. It’s akadama, lava, pumice, and kawa suna (essentially a pebble). Bags are 13L in size or about 3 gallons.

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Darn, it looks like they’re sold out of clay king. Any other recommendations?

You can find the same mix from other retailers too. I can’t comment much since I haven’t really bought soil from other retailers.

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Aoki blend is available at

They also have their own mixes available as well

Awesome, thank you! I’m going to pick some of that up.

I’m also surprised to see how much more affordable it is to purchase directly from the seller website. The price is $20+ on Amazon for the same bag

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