Japanese Black Pine Soil Mix?

Hey folks, sorry if this has come up already, but I’m looking at repotting a Japanese Black Pine and have a soil question. Do any of you have a soil mix you recommend? I have pretty easy access to akadama, pumice, and lava rock.


1-1-1 akadama, pumice, lava. When was the tree last repotted, is it in development or refinement, old or young? Some say repot in Spring before candles elongate and some say Winter repot.
Anybody chime in with your thoughts :evergreen_tree::grinning:


What ever the mix, leave some old soil on go microrrhiza


It’s nursery stock, so it’s in its original container with clay soil.

I just styled it about a month ago and now seeing some good growth on it. So it’s still in development, and fairly young. Figured it be a good time to repot.

Thanks, 1-1-1 sounds good.

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Good point. Thanks for the reminder.

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Development, young tree… Unless you are in a hurry (which you shouldn’t be with any tree) wait for spring to make sure you gave it enough time to recover from styling and any work you did on it but also it is the best time. Bare in mind to not bare root it and if you want to get as much growth as possible put it to already recommended 1-1-1 mix in much larger container. Next 3-4 years you can move it step by step from development to final refinement and then choose bonsai pot it will be looking the best at acc style etc.
That’s what I would do :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the advice.

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I might be too late here…but I definitely wouldn’t be repotting a jbp right now. Especially if work has been done only a month ago. Wait for spring at the earliest…styled in fall, I might even wait till the second spring to be completely honest. Unless there’s a health reason to get it into new soil…don’t rush it. This is bonsai, after all…patience is key.


Has anyone had any experience trying straight pumice 1/8 - 1/4 as “training soil” instead of 1-1-1?