Re Potting Pines/Soil

So I recently bought a nice Pinus Sylvestrus that needs re potting.

The chap I bought it from said that he re pots his Pines in September/October in the UK and has had better results than doing it in the Spring, but the roots need to be protected from getting too wet. Other information I see on line seems to indicate Spring. When is the best time?

Also what soil mix would you recommend?


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I am going to do some of mine in the next two weeks once this heat eases. That is when I have done mine in the past. I don’t like going into September if I can help it.

Thanks, and what soil do you use? Akadama, pumice, lava?

I am using Akadama and pumice 50/50 I may add some Kyodama as well.

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I prefer to do mine in spring. Then they get a full growing season before winter. Just my preference. I normally use 111 but next time I am thinking of substituting the kyru with kyodama.

The best period to repot is spring but it can also be repotted in autumn,however,by cutting fewer roots. As a mix i recommend 40% akadama, 30% pumice, 20% lava rock and 10% little pieces of pine bark to make the ph a little more acidic and to favor the development of michorriza. Good luck :wink:

I’ve seen the information that you are referring to and it has spread across the internet in the UK. We were taught by a highly respected person back in the day that August ish was to be considered for an emergency pine re-pot but that spring was best. I’ve stuck to that and has always worked for me over many years. I use 1-1-1.


I am going to do some of mine soon, but not in this heat. I have done them before with no problem. at this time of year.

Give us a before photo…
And then a photo next summer…:thinking:

I haven’t tried with sylvestris, but I had excellent results repotting mugo in late summer with massive root growth happening before the winter.

I have no experience with Mugo, sorry.

I really like the looks of that plan…