Did I miss my repot window of opportunity?

I am planning to repot this Jack pine (Pinus banksiana) mainly to change the potting angle but also if I can, to remove some more of the original nursery substrate. I’ve waited a week longer than I hoped in order to get Chabasai tomorrow (10.3) as I want to add it to my mix with DE. The tree started to push really quickly in the last few days. Is it too late to repot? Am I ok to repot it in the two days if I play safe with the roots?

Hey Mirai hive, no opinions on this?

Hello again Rafael!
No I don’t think you miss your widow. You are right on, at the very best time. My Jack pine is exactly where yours is. I will try to repot it tomorrow.

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Hi! It was good seeing you earlier today. I will repot it tomorrow too! Thanks for sharing your opinion. It is much appreciated.

I checked my jack pine notes finding that I repotted it recently (2014 and 2017) in late April and the first week of May. While the dates are of no use without seeing the pine’s barometers - the buds, it has been customary to repot pines a little later than just seeing the buds swelling in the Toronto area. I think the idea is to allow the pine to get down the track in order to build up more strengthen and momentum rather than repotting right out of the blocks. Besides your greenhouse puts the tree in a better situation for becoming active after winter and more importantly, ideal aftercare - humidity, warmth, wind protection and the possible use of a heating pad. I’m so envious.

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