Is a repot necessary? Timing?

Hey all!

Yesterday while at a nursery I found a beautiful Japanese Black Pine, Pinus thunbergii. Once getting it home I noticed it has a pungent smell to the roots when up close. I think this is a sign of decay or too high of moisture? I have a great pot for it an am ready to repot; however is this a bad idea? Is the time of year wrong for this scope or work?

It depends on where you live
But probably it is too late in the season.
What type of soil is it in?

You could pull in out of the nursery pot and look at what is going on
If the roots look rotten then you need probably need to do something.
Maybe it is just too wet.

Slip it out and look at it

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Practice your skills of balancing water and oxygen until it is the right time for repotting. If it’s in a nursery pot you can drill holes around the pot to allow better oxygen exchange.

depends on your skill level and how bad it really is. get some guidance from someone who may know more than you do - get their opinion. your area is also important. here in the northern midwest we could repot now if the situation warranted it. we just don’t repot into the fall as there is no time for recovery before winter.