To Repot or not to Repot, That is the question?

I have a wonderful shohin Japanese White Pine on its own roots. It is struggling, yellowing and needle drop all over. It is spending the Michigan winter in my sunroom with 35+F temps. It is also on a heat pad averaging 65 degrees. I am assuming the issue is root related. I am struggling with the notion of repotting it to see if a repot would improve the situation or leave it go until it hopefully improves on its own. If I were to repot I can keep the tree from freezing and keep the roots nice and warm. The tree was potted from pre-bonsai 2 years ago in 1-1-1 with 1/16 left in. I am guessing the shin and roots are suffering with native soil. Repot now or wait, any opinions? Thanks

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Is the soil allowed to dry between watering? Found this info on pines in general. I have lost several Ponderosa pines to fungus.

Hope for the best, but keep this tree away from any others to prevent cross contamination if it is suffering from fungal disease. :persevere:

Thanks for your response. Will check it out

I would wait and watch.
So, did the tree NOT get winter dormancy temps the last two yeers? ( Time below 30F.) Or, was the tree out in the 90+ F summer sun for root fry?
Either could be the problem.
Post a photo and closeup.