Substrate mix pre-made

Hello everyone, I’m looking to buy new material and I’ve found a pre-made mixture which looks good. Here’s the composition:
58% Akadama
20 % Pumice
20 % Kyryuzuna
2 % Charcoal

What do you think?

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Ryan has talked about never coming across a highly refined root system that had Charcoal in it. He isng claiming that it isnt possible, just never came across one. People claim that is acts as a “filter” but there doesn’t seem to be much logic in that for bonsai (in a terrarium with little water turn over maybe). Will it hurt a bonsai tree in development, probably: not will it be beneficial, probably not. I think when you get to the upper bounds of refinement (which I have nothing even close) that 2% space might be very important to maximize. With that being said you should explore it, doesn’t seem harmful.

I dont know enough to comment on Kyryuzuna other than I understand it to be volcano sand essentially and typically is very fine particle size. Is there a special property (high iron oxide?) to it or is it because Japan is basically a volcano and it was the best of what they had?

Apparently kyryuzuna is great for conifer. Being aware that charcoal is probably not going to help, as long as it doesn’t damage, the mix itself cost less than buying separate ingredients. I would have put akadama, pumice and lapillus anyway in a 2:1:1, it’s just richer in akadama which doesn’t sound so bad