Sources for akadama in Portland area or online

Can anyone tell me where I can find akadama in small (1/8") size in Portland area, or to order online?
Many thanks in advance.

You can get in touch with Portland Bonsai Supply

Steve doesn’t have a physical store but can meet up with you to save on shipping costs. He also brings his items to every Bonsai Society of Portland meeting. Next meeting is Feb 26th.

I’ve also had luck ordering from Bonsai Tonight, which is based out of the Bay Area in California so it doesn’t have to be shipped very far.


Thanks, Nicholas. I checked the portland bonsai supply website and it looks like he’s out of stock. I’ll give him a call to see when he’ll have more in. The place in CA appears to have in stock, but will wait to see if I can get locally first.

Many thanks,

I would recommend Jonas at Bonsai Tonight as well.

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If you feel like taking a drive up to Tukwila ,Washington. John Muth at Bonsai Northwest has bags of akadama for $28. I think he has small and medium grain sizes available.
He also has bags of pumice, and both red and black lava.

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Thanks Chris. I’ll keep that in mind if I’m headed up that way!

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I have had a hard time finding Akadama this year. (2021) I did find it online at


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Bless you Bryan, good looking out