Where do you order quality Akadama?

I’m looking for a good place to order Akadama online. There is some on Amazon. I’m just curious if anyone has a store that they regularly order from or reputable brands? I’m tempted to order some from Amazon to check the quality but if anyone has done that already and could save me a little time and money that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time!

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I’ve ordered from bonsaitonight.com

It was high quality (as in, it made it through at least one full season without passively breaking down up from freeze/thaw cycles), though to be honest, I’ve been pretty lucky and never gotten bad akadama in my short bonsai life.


I was in the same boat and tried out Akadama Premium Bonsai Soil from BonsaiOutlet via Amazon. It was fine, but I was disappointed with how much crushed particles were in the bottom of the bag.

I have had better luck with Dallas Bonsai’s akadama. You can order online as well. Good luck in the hunt.


bonsaiunlimited.com has good stuff.


I can also attest to the quality that bonsai tonight carries, but I am local to him so I picked it up in person (not sure what shipping would be).


I’m a fan of ordering through Bonsai Tonight. Jonas offer’s a high quality product, both the Clay King and Aoki brand are very good.


https://www.clarkmlong.com/shop/ is also a great resource!