Two years of pot making

Just a little over two years ago I started to make Bonsai pots. Who would have believed that earlier this year I was selling my pots at the Trophy exhibition, I also had a pot that I collaborated with a an ceramic artist I first saw on Mirai and inspired me to make pots. A few pics of recent works that are drying ready for the oven below



Would have never guessed only been making for 2 years. Did you have past experience with other ceramics or similar mediums?

Hi Donald. Never had any experience with ceramics but my trade was a plasterer and I do believe it has helped me a lot wit the pot making. Thanks for your kind words

where about are you located?

Hello Chris. I’m from the UK but live in Spain near Malaga

Very nice pots! Well done. :smile:

I very much like them. Strong - for only 2 years.

My latest pot. Now to dry before Bisque firing amd glaze.


Lovely work Nick! Superb.

Cheers Steve. Made my shoulder ache pressing each scale in individually

Hey Nick, do u hv ant pics of finished bonsai pots?

Probably be another two weeks. These ones are now drying before bisque firing and glazing :grinning:

Not sure if anyone’s asked this yet, but are any of your pots available for purchase (and where?) or do you just make them for your own collection?

Yes sometimes my pots are available. It’s a challenge keeping up with demand sometimes :grinning:. You can always message me with any requirements you might have

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My latest design. Your saw it here first!!


Awesome work Nick, those look great!

These turned out fantastic! Keep them coming, that yellow is lovely.

Todays small kiln opening. Sorry about the cups but I love them!:grinning:



Holy, your precision is uncanny! Really good stuff there, and that yellow one is such an inventive shape!

I’m not gonna glaze you up too much though, I think your glazing needs refining, but that part obviously takes the longest to master. That yellow looks delicious though!

Do you take commissions? I really love precise geometric pots, and might need one soon.