New ceramicist France

Hi all,
I hope you are all well and staying safe ?
Yesterday I visited a new ceramicist here in France in a town called Meaux.
She has been creating various types of ceramics for 8 years but this year she decided she would like to try her hand at Bonsai Pots.
Below are a few images of her first attempts. I found these pots to be quite intriguing so thought I would try and give her a helping hand on design etc.
The basis of her design is good but there are a few things that I think need to be addressed, especially the feet.
We would like to here your comments and there is no such thing as bad feedback as long as it is constructive.

These are just a few of them that I photographed yesterday evening,
Certain points to consider and comment :

  • Does the square drainage holes change anything is round better ?
  • Feet shape evidently needs to be varied and be fluid with the pot

We look forward to hearing your comments

Stay safe and bonsai hard :wink:


not sure if the square holes are structurally as sound as round ones, but that is a ceramicist to decide.
Tie down wires however are to far towards the centre for my liking.

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Nice pots, nice glazes / finishes. Sizes look usable.
Are they HIGH fired?
Website, for purchase?:thinking:


Whats the ceramicists name? I dig the green box one

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The name of the business is Terres de Lutins,
They don’t have a website yet.
They have a Facebook page though www,

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@KurtP They are high fired

It’s quite a challenge to make Bonsai pots. I like these. I too have been inspired to make some pots although mine are now going through the drying period before firing next week. These will be high fired unglazed. The last picture is if the first pot I had ever made.




@Nicknjh23 Superbe. :heart_eyes:

Thanks. Very time consuming but I’m enjoying the journey and waiting for a small kiln to be delivered.

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All fired successfully

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My latest pot build. Could be a bit of worry firing this one. Fingers crossed. Now to dry it slowly


@Nicknjh23 very nice :heart_eyes:

Time consuming is only true when it is not a Hobbie! :laughing: your pots are great, I am jealous I wish I could do some myself especially for for fancy shapes, the most tricky part is the fired technique right ? I had a friend who used his Pizza Oven ! YES ! ahah Guess what, it cracked for his first 3 pots I think but now it is working. For me fired ceramic right seems to be very challenging how do you fire them ?

@mattchamb16 Tu as des bonnes adresses/sites internet de revendeurs ou artisans de pots pour Bonsai en France ?

@IIppon Je regarde le bon coin / marketplace etc.

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Right now I am lucky to be able to use a kiln Just outside Malaga City here in Spain. It’s where I get my clay etc. They are super experienced at firing and so far it’s been just great. I have a kiln being delivered soon and I’ll be firing myself soon. I’m not sure a pizza oven would be able to fire upto the required temperature for stone ware (1280 oC) least of all being able to control the rate of heating would be quite tricky.

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