DIY bonsai pots

please critique. They are unfired and have dark gray dark greens and dark blue glaze on order. any feedback would be cool.


Nice forms. Ceramics? What was your building
I am currently in need of evergreen pots.
I would say fire them as is. Leave them unglazed.:wink:
. BTW, I LOVE your floor…


nice work! How many have you made? I agree that some should remain unglazed. Do some with and some without and see how they come out.
The lip on the rim may make them less desirable in climates that have hard freeze and thaws. If water freezes in the soil the expansion would cause damage to the container.
Not meant to be negative. Just giving you feedback.
I would love to know the dimensions. A photo with some item that is readily recognized or with a tape measure is helpful. The old photos from the 60’s and 70’s usually had a pack of Lucky Strikes cigarettes! :heart_eyes:


Geologists often use a rock pick or the camera lens cover.
If those aren’t available, any common item will do.

I always wanted one of those 2’ tall demo Swiss Army knives to screw with people. Looked into having some tiny rock hammers made as jewelry that would also be useful for making rock crystals look huge.


These are all phenomenal. In their raw state they are beautiful…can’t wait to see them glazed/fired.


Great looking pots :raised_hands: Love the shapes and dont let anyone tell you how to do it you’ve got a great style for a first batch, the western potters seem to be so uptight about bonsai pots techniques but will pay a fortune for antique chinese pots which were made using standards most potters would argue against.
just make sure they are fully dried before firing and and use a very slow ramp with the kiln if you haven’t fired the clay before :+1:good luck


Really nice looking pots, all are beautiful but I am fond of 3 and 4. I appreciate that they all have feet, and each has different than the last. Like most I think unglazed will be hard to beat, but if you do glaze them I would love to see them finished. Well done!!


These all look great!
#4 seems to have quite an inside lip which could make removal of roots difficult after a few years.
You might try to reduce that inner lip as much as possible.
I look forward to seeing the fired results - both glazed and un-glazed.

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Did you ever get your pots fired? How id they turn out?