2 peice vessel - alternative pot

Here is a idea I was playing with and found a way to bring it somewhat to life. I created inlay pot rock textured that was sculpted for this deadwood to sit on top. Basically creating a secure deadwood pot with the security and longevity of ceramics.

I am still learning, so feedback or what I may have forgot to consider is welcomed.

Did you put drainage hole also in the pot? Because my concern would be just having a pool of water get stored in it since wont have any material to soak it up.

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Thanks DonaldK and good question. It does include drainage holes and tie down holes included. Functionally it is a typical bonsai pot, as much as I am aware.

Have you ever done a deadwood slab? I would assume hard to find the right dead wood that flat enough but still has enough character to make it interesing and rugged. Just feel like you could do a cool forest planting with it where you almost make it feel like the teees are coming out of the deadwood itself. But I am unsure how practical that is.

Or other idea is a crazy tanuki where it planted on itself basicaly have a small portion bowled out for the root ball then the rest carve for the tanuki.

I appreciate these thoughts! I actually thought I found the perfect deadwood slab but when I dried it out it was too pithy or soft to even take a wood hardener…so the search for that peice continues.

I have done one tanuki and it was terrible and did not survive. But that was on me not the tree or dead wood. I am working on a large scale version of an ancient bristle cone but it will be for my garden and not go in a pot because of the scale.

Again thanks for the insights and advice. If I ever find that perfect deadwood slab/forrest I will share the pics.

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Where do you find your deadwood? Do you go out and collect it or find it at shops?

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I find any reason to be out in the woods and this is my new excuse!

To date everything is collected. I am not opposed to buying one if I found one that spoke to me but the journey of the hunt is my favorite part.

Uploaded wrong photo before - sorry still learning the system

@NEBeech How many do you actually have trees planned for or is it just make as many as you can and when you find the right tree to go in 1 you have it? And how many do you already have trees in?

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0 as of now I just started making them ( like this) a month or two ago. most of my tree’s are in development so the plans to make as many as I can…I’m making some for particular trees or forrest I have in mind.

Update on one of the large non traditional pots I made, thought I’d share


Another updated project, got tired of waiting for the right tree so the cactus got a home until I find it’s tree