Carved hemlock pot- non traditional

Curious for feedback on this large (39 inches x16) carved hemlock deadwood (blow torched, wood hardener and epoxy resin sealed)


I like it and imagine it is much lighter than a similar sized ceramic.

It’s very light 4lbs

Wow looks great and much smaller I would have guessed only a foot or so vs 3 feet. Also, would love to see a top down view.

Here’s a couple angles.

One edge peeled apart in 1 inch layers during blow torching ( serendipity), it looks very interesting and gave it a more delicate/ femine feel for such heavy/ masculine piece.

Trying to be consistent and explain with Ryan’s design principles in the explanation so excuse any redundancy.

The right corner is what I was previously attempting to explain!

For the extra curious here is the rest of the Hemlock, The estate (not mine) it sits on was built in 1774, I

I would use it…
Drain hole? Is the knot hole at the low point?
If water sits in a low spot, it’s not good for the tree or the pot life… tiedowns could be interesting…

Two drainage holes at the low point we’re carved out of the knot. I do a little sculpting with cement, so I will make a fake stone with the chicken wire it’s resting on for a permanent supporting structure also to keep the wood elevated reducing any excess moisture.

I put this in to get a sense of scale and play with the idea. My first thought was I’m going to need a much larger tree or forrest.

Any suggestions on species or how you might approach it are welcomed!

Please tell me what would you plant in it?

I like the chicken wire! Make the base seperatable…
Ya. I have a rather ordinary large Subalpine fir that needs a new pot, efective inside is 25 × 18 x 4" ? Old pot is cracked and rather ordinary…
Maybe too large…, seems a little deep…:rofl:,

There is a product that will saturate the wood before polymerizing… Used to make mikarta?, out of laminates.
See if you can make another pot!
Bonsai On!

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Thanks so much, I will look into because my approach definitely needs some refinement.

I agree with you on the depth. Im actually going to make a cement inlay to reduce the depth.

Love that subalpine you have, it would be a good approximate size - thanks for sharing this was extremely helpful.

The shape and size wouldn’t be right for your subalpine for but I figured I would share the idea.

I like the texture and coloring of this non typical pot. I made this specifically for a Balsam Fir I couldn’t find a pot for…

I will share a complete pic when it’s time to repot. Hopefully it helps generate additional ideas!

Giving another attempt with a slightly different approach- 2 piece

Advice was taken into consideration and I made an inlay to address the height of the container possibly being to deep.

Thanks for your collaboration!

Little more progress on the inlay and fake support stone

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Now I need something like this size!