What would you put in this homemade pot?

I shared this before, hemlock carved pot I made last year with an inlay. I didint come across anything last year that I thought would be a good match. It is big 38inches long. I dont have a set preconceived idea of what should go in it.

So with that said I wanted to get some inputs as to what you would do with it?

how wide and how deep? possibly a raft or a forest?

off the top of my head I think it was 12-14inch at the widest and depth is 4.5 to 1inch at the low point …a tall big Forrest was what I was leaning towards. Hoping someone has some creative insight at first glance

yes. agree with you. do you have an established forest that you could move into it or creating one from scratch? interesting vessel.

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I do not have an established forrest

Are there drainage holes or holes for wire?

Yes there are both drainage holes and wire holes