Indestructible hand made solid steel pots

Hey everybody check these out. They are the first of many I think. I love working with steel it makes everything better.
I really like these pots they are made from 3/8" steel. They weigh in at over 20lbs each. I enjoy the color and texture.
What do you think?


I think I need to get in the gym if I’m going to put a tree in one… seriously tho, bad a** looking pots.


Thank you I’m glad you like them.

Wow, the one on the left looks great.

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Thanks. In which picture?

In the first one, the heavier one

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The inside beads on the rectangle are pretty even…
Try a 1/4", rectangle. Will it warp? Cool in between beads…
Run an even decorative bead along the top edge for a hang over lip, dont grind it… and 1/2" stacked bead scollop feet… though, they will oxidize differently than the body…
Harbour Freight has a cheep sandblaster. Would clean up and leave an interesting initial durface to rust…
Just some ideas…


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I love the shapes, but… I’d be really concerned about the rate of heat transfer using a steel container. And the directionality of the heat would be very local. A ceramic container or a natural stone absorbs and gives off heat much more slowly and more evenly.
Just my .02


Considering the esthetics only… I would try them. I like the rusty metal look. Maybe for show transplanting only?
I would have to try 3 or 4 cheep trees in these pots over several years. Look at the survival and root growth pattern.
Keep em out of the direct sun over 80F, and really protect from freezing in winter. The cold transfer would be a fast killer, too.
I only have one cast iron pot. No holes. Never considered it for show pot…:thinking:

Cast iron is pretty easy to drill if you need some holes.

I don’t know if there has ever been much use in bonsai but cast iron planters have been in use for a very long time around the world.

Zoda Zoda…
Ya… but I hate to destroy a valuable antique…

Not convinced cast / iron pots are a good idea YET…, and, I have way to many good looking ceramic pots.

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That is pretty was it not intended to be a bonsai pot?

I asked Ryan about steel containers during todays q&a March 17 218. He said they have been using afew at mirai and have even done soil testing and have found no problems. He called it a new frontier for bonsai containers.

Im interested in the asthetics. I would NOT be concerned about iron and other metal ions leaching out and hurting the tree.
I WOULD be concerned about sun heat transfer., and cold trsnsfer.
108F one day last summer. -12 F two winters ago. Both have been deadly the last two winters / summers.
60% Sun screan in summer; and heavy winter storage cover has always been good up untill now…
Ya, my iron pot would look stuning as a display pot…
So would the welded pots above…