Two trees stolen from the Pacific Bonsai museum

Link in the article to the authorities if you happen to have any information.


So sad. I hope they find the trees in time and bring the culprits to justice.

The trees are back. Apparently the thieves dropped them off on the museums entrance road.


Yes! Unfortunately that means the thieves will stay at large probably (unless they left their fingerprints all over the pots)

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I wonder who the thieves where… this all sounds like a big drunken mistake by someone who thought it would be fun to steal a couple of those tiny trees from the museum, besides, it must be hard to fence something like this no?

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Right. The trees are super obvious. They’d have to sell on the bonsai black market along side federal grounds Yamadori and improperly imported Japanese bonsai. :man_shrugging:t5:

That’s probably a big hassle for a couple of trees that are not even worth a real fortune, very dumb thieves indeed… And even selling on the black market the tress would still be obviously the ones from the museum, maybe that’s what the thieves of that other story that was posted earlier cut off some branches??


It concerns me that this could embolden other prospective thieves with the knowledge that these trees are quite valuable and “worth stealing”


Bonsai theft isn’t anything new. What sucks is usually the ppl doing the stealing don’t actually know how to take care of the trees. There’s one common theme though. The owners just want the trees back because they’re worried that they’ll die. We put so much love and attention into our little trees. I’m not going to compare it to a missing child or lost pet, but there’s definitely a sense of worry that goes along with the violation.

similar thing for Koi.
One reminder to be careful what to post on FB etc.

For those interested, PBM is increasing their security and taking donations to help fund the increased security. They have an anonymous donor who is matching donations up to $5,000 through March 2nd. Donations can be made through their website.
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