Another trip to the bonsai shop that's going out of business

$200 for these pots, book and kusamono. I think I did well there.

$50 for this bougainvillea. Needs to be wired a bit.

$150 for this maple. Anyone know the cultivar? Needs to be cleaned up and some of those primary branches need to be reduced.

She wouldn’t sell me this signed Ben Oki sketch :cry:


Wow. You fit the jackpot!

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She has a TON of pots left. When she gets closer to selling the property I’m gonna go back and clean house. :smiley:

Congrats on the find!

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Did some cleaning on the koto hime. Named it Orihime after a character in an anime that I like. I’ll be applying PC wood hardener to the deadwood area tomorrow.

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Where do you live/where’s the nursery?

South Carolina. It’s closed now. The place has been sold to a neighboring business and plants have been moved.