Made a trip to the Bonsai Learning Center in NC

I stopped by there since I was in the area and wanted to get some wire. I didn’t think that in bonsai my biggest limiting factor would be finding copper wire. :confused: I was pleasantly surprised when I got there and got a chance to see their trees. I’ve never been to a bonsai garden or anything, so to be surrounded by so many quality trees was breathtaking. I’ll definitely be back to take one of their classes. They were doing a class that day and the students will take home 3 trees.

The owners of the shop were very friendly as well. In addition to $100 in wire (sans shipping!) I bought a bag of double red line akadama.


Great pics! I wish somebody near me would have a bonsai nursery, Real one not Those with imported mass produced trees from china


They’re 4 hours away from me. Not exactly close, but good for a weekend trip.

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Looks like somebody needs to attend the sheet rock and masonry learning center!


Closest to me which I know of is like 600-700 km away from me.

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Sounds like someone should be starting their own bonsai nursery. :laughing:

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