Congrats to the peeps that purchased trees today :)

I had my eye on one, but it won’t survive my climate. :frowning_face: Keep us posted with pics!


Curious where you live and what tree wouldn’t survive your climate. I was shocked at the quality of some of the trees they were selling today.


Shocked in what way? I was looking at the coastal redwood. Just iffy as to whether or not I would be able to help that handle the heat here in Charleston, SC.

Shocked in a completely positive way. The trees appeared to be high quality trees for what appeared to be a very reasonable price. I will definitely want to purchase a tree next year from him. I just need to make sure, like you, that I choose one that will survive. I’m in Baton Rouge LA. So not everything he grows will like my climate. LOL

Very true. Perhaps for the next sale they can at least release a list of the types of trees that will be put up for sale. There’s not much time to act, so it would be good to be able to at least do that kind of research in order to be sure that you’ll be able to properly care for the tree. Guess that’s another idea @Sam. Sorry for always flooding you with them lol.


As a uk member, I was gutted in not being able to own a bit of Mirai History.

In years to come, a @ryan will be as coveted as any of the other great masters.

As a newbie to bonsai, there is no one putting out the level and quantity of content and knowledge as the mirai team.

Im so “Pumped” to be witness to it



I hadn’t thought of this but that would be a great way for them to let us educate ourselves so we know what we can invest in and not have it die on us due to climate alone.


I logged on at 9AM and it seemed like half the trees were sold in the first eight minutes. No time to check them all out and make a decision. It was not a problem for me because most of them were beyond my budget and skill level. :relaxed:

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I hope that one day, we can get trees to be sent to Europe … and have Ryan bringing it to us in his “Air Force BonsaiMirai cargo” like he does in the US with the truck. I was indeed interested by a tree which is for sale however was not part of the websale, however seems that there is no exports for the moment. Not sure if this is a choice made by Bonsai Mirai or some sort of exportation rules which make it difficult? Who knows … one day … @ryan maybe next time you come to the Trophy in Belgium? well packed in your luggage…? won’t tell anyone … :open_mouth:

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It really was a scramble wasn’t it:dizzy_face:. 2 trees I could marginally afford but absolutely no room for another one saved me.