Mirai Tree Sale Questions

I am excited about my first tree sale while I’ve been a Mirai member. A few questions so I can plan accordingly. What’s the price range been in the past for the Mirai Tree Sales? Do they all get listed on the first day so we can figure out what the best tree is for our budget, or are they listed sporadically leaving us unsure if we should pull the trigger on a tree, or wait for something we like better? Are all of the trees listed for sale able to be shipped? (I live in Los Angeles) Do they usually come with a pot, or without?


Their pricey. If you have 2k pluse you will be able to get something nice. Their was a few that where from 500 to 1k but those sold pretty quick. I wanted a red wood that sold for 500 but the description said it did not ship to Los Angeles… I didnt buy anything myself that sell.

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All are listed at once.

I would say most come in nice pots. I believe I’ve seen a few that come in training pots or whatnot. Not all could be shipped and some had to be either picked up at Mirai or delivered via the covered wagon, which will be going Portland to NY and back (not sure how close it will get to LA)

They all go up for sale at once and you have no preview of the trees before that.
So like everyone has said, bring your big wallet. The lower priced trees ($300-750) will go fast.
It would be nice if some potted up field grown material was put up for sale. :metal:t2::evergreen_tree::grinning:

I learned the hard way last year
If you move a tree to the shopping cart that is still available for sale until you pay for it. So move into cart and pay.
Then you can go back and look for a second tree. Just saying.

Hey all, thanks for the info. I guess I’ll have to be watching closely with credit card in hand. Hopefully I can grab one! :grimacing:

When is the tree sale?

An email went out a few days ago, 10/24-10/27

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Oh well, I was hoping for something deciduous, but it was pretty much all conifers. Lots of beautiful trees, but nothing in my price range (lower) inspired me enough to pull the trigger. It would be great if they posted a second round of trees… :grinning:

Ghaaa the only one in my price range was that cheaper redwood and i didn’t get it in time. Oh well