Mirai Tree Sale - Trees visible and Sold before 10am PT

Update - Looks like there’s already another thread about this.

I happened to check out the Shop at 9:45am PT prepping for the tree sale and noticed the trees were visible before the 10am PT release time and some of them were already sold. I’m sure this was configured on accident since this has happened in the past.

Personally, I decided to wait and respect the 10am PT release time, however the tree I was interested in seem to have sold already =(. It’s okay there will be another sale and technically I don’t have to have another tree!

Was anyone else able to get a tree they wanted?

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Situations like this are tricky. You want everything to be run smoothly and on time. But when things go wrong, respecting the intended release time only hurts you, the aspiring buyer.

I had an alarm set today for just before 1pm EST (I’m in New York), so I’d be ready for their 10am PST release. But while I was eating breakfast I randomly thought, “I wonder where the sale link takes me now.” And it went to a live sale page! I was able to snap up one of the $350 junipers. Three minutes later, they were all sold out.

If I had only clicked on the link at 10am PST, after my alarm went off, all of those trees would have already been sold hours before. I consider myself lucky, and feel bad for anyone who visited the site at 10am PST only to see more than half the trees already sold.

Hopefully these kinds of website snafus can get fixed as Mirai continues to grow.


i went at exactly 10:00 and the $350 junipers were all sold it made no sense to me!
now i know how all the trees were sold before 10:00
sad that was in the under $500 which was in my price range