Tree sale went live early

Get in while you can fit in. Sadly, I was hoping for olive or pomegranate. Well, there is one pom, but out of my realm of “don’t flirt with getting a divorce” price.


Yeah man, same. Also I don’t mean to be a hater but I’m kinda bummed that there are only a few trees in the several hundred dollar range and then they’re all 1,000+. Not sure about others but that’s waaaay out of my price range.


I’ve come to accept the fact that Mirai is at the pinnacle of the bonsai world. They create world class trees and command a world class price. Ryan has stated that he doesn’t want the trees to become the commodity. Instead he’s selling the education. At the prices they’re commanding only the most dedicated and knowledgeable enough would purchase which probably gives Ryan a bit of peace of mind knowing that they’ll be cared for…or they’re willing and able to pay someone to care for their trees.

I was hoping for more trees for us “normal” folk. While I love those trees for sale I can’t ever see myself paying that much for a tree. It just goes against my mainly frugal nature. It’s okay though. Now I can go out and get a tree I’ve been eyeing at my local nursery plus an olive I’ve been eyeing online.


Yeah, I totally agree on all counts. I don’t mean to cast aspersions. I guess I’m more just feeling the FOMO of not getting a tree.

Oh, I totally get that man. I felt that last year when I saw a tree that I wanted, but felt like it would have been irresponsible considering that I had just moved into a new home and had all of the normal associated costs with that. :confused: Then there’s the fact that I wasn’t even a Mirai member the year they sold some of their twisted poms. :sob:

Hm, I actually don’t see the sale anywhere on the website.

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I think they realized what happened and took it down.

I went and looked, the ‘TreeSaleWindow’ is still closed. It’s only 0830 here.
What url are you using to see it?

I was checking the link in the tree sale email periodically and it was working a while ago. The link no longer works but if you go to the main shop page and sort by new you’ll see the trees.

That’s what I figured. I wonder if anybody snuck a purchase in there.

I cant find the sell link :laughing:

They took it down. Here’s the link.

Yes, like 5-6 have sold already including a beautiful pond cypress. :heart_eyes:

Here’s the sneaky way of seeing the trees.

Thanks for the link. :smile:

Looks like all the affordable stuff sold out before the sale even went live. There’s gonna be some disappointed people at 10am. Oh well, I couldn’t afford anything anyway, I just blew my bonsai spending on a california juniper a few weeks ago.

Yeah, for sure. Ironically I had to move an appointment to make sure I would be home for when the sale was supposed to go live only to not be here when it actually went live. I think i was still one of the first few ppl in there though because nothing had sold yet. Actually, like 15mins had passed before I noticed the first sale.

That’s really a big “OOPS” for the mirai team if true. Maybe they need to void those early sales and open things back up at the correct time. I don’t know.

Didn’t this happen last year as well? Kinda frustrating.

Nah, it’s not the buyer’s fault. This also isn’t the first time that this has happened.