Buying from Randy Knight

Hi All,

In the recent hornbeam video, Ryan mentioned valuing sources of material while they are available (in re: the loss of Telperion). He called out that Randy Knight has many trees for sale, which we will miss when they’re gone. Anyone know if Randy has a web presence for ordering - I tried the ‘google it’ approach, but came up with a dated post about a defunct website.


He does not have a web presence anymore. He used to have a website, I think but I’m not 100% sure.

Regardless it’s long gone. Now I think he mostly sells to Ryan, and Natures Way and Hidden Gardens.

In the interview he did with Ryan, Randy gave out his email address.

Randy had trees for sale at the Pacific Bonsai Expo. I know you can buy trees from him in person if you can find a time he is available. It is well worth working your schedule to match his. I was able to find his phone number on the internet and arranged a meeting by texting him at his number.

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Can you assist us, and PM me his number.

I will be in Portland for work in April and would love to buy a few trees.

may I have his number please via private message, I have been trying to find him for ages