Weekend at Nature's way

I had a fantastic weekend working on some very nice old and some very challenging yamadori collected by Randy Knight and owned by Walter Pall. Learned a lot and had great fun too. I set the basic structure of three Japanese Maples, carved a trident maple, styled two very challenging Engelmann’s spruces and cleaned two very old Rocky Mountain Junipers. I am so proud how my bonsai influences came to rest on Walter Pall and Ryan Neil who think in the same manner regarding styling and bonsai as an art.


Rafi…So the real question here is: did you BUY any of Walters’ trees? That is the other purpose of Woodstock!

I wish I could buy his trees. Living in Canada, it is complicated to import. But I helped sell two of his trees to others, one after I styled it last december… If I lived in the US I would buy several. This weekend there were over 200 fantastic trees collected by Randy knight there at all price ranges…

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That sounds like an awesome time, rafi!

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I do not know how I missed it the other weekend. Did not even realize it was that weekend.i was at natures way yesterday putting a deposit on my rmj an pondy. Looking forward to next workshop. I did have a morio Stemberger one on last wensday with my study group.

The got some fantastic trees this spring…

Yeah I want to get a spruce next I’m thinking.

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they had lots I think.