Before/After Juniperus Chinensis

Would it be interesting to have a before/after channel in the forum? Here is a before after that I had posted in another thread but fits better this one.


I like what you did here! Is this a Mirai inspired design? The style really reminds me of something Ryan would do.

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Thank you. Mirai trees are always an inspiration…

![image|666x500](upload:/bigger is a /a8rwKQTS2EyJnN8DOmqfJQLxhN4.jpeg)here are a couple of my trees sn maller twisty one is a itoigawa imported an the bigger is a kishu hope you folks enjoy


nice ones. I particularly like the one on the second photo with that jin on top.

Hi there here a before and after of my Spanish sabina juniper an the link to the full story of its first work:


Here is the after repotted in s new Thomas Gramming pot similar to one used by Ryan Niel during one of the previous streams.


is that at Nature’s way?

very nice design, I really like the jinned branches!

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Yep that sure is natures way. Sorry for delayed reply been awhile

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Cool. I am going there tomorrow.

I was there Sunday for the club dig. I put a nice rmj An ponderosa on hold. He just got about 200 trees in from I’m pretty sure randy knight in Oregon. Awesome stuff plus hundreds of trees from previous years.

I wish I could buy trees but being from Canada it is tough to bring them back. It is a great crowd, I’ll be there with them all and Walter Pall, Jenifer Price.

Do like Walter An Jim Doyle do. Find a good freind that lives in states An have them keep your trees for you. That’s if you come here a few times a year. Jim has some at Walters place in Germany I think it is. An Walter has tons at natures way for sale An not for sale. I think they both have some in Japan as well not positive about that though.

Last time I was there I had the chance to work in a number of trees collected by Randy Knight and owned by Walter Pall - some trees that I couldn’t afford even if were allowed to import them… It was fantastic.

Really great looking trees! Mauro is awesome to work with