Mail order trader

Not sure if this question is ethical so happy for it to be deleted. I’m UK based but have a friend near Greenville, North Carolina who would like to buy a mail order tree from somewhere reputable. She knows the basics but just doesn’t want to get ripped off with a purchase. Nothing top end but just a good healthy entry level tree. Is there anywhere over there that can be recommended please? Thank you.


Here’s some of the better places to checkout for trees in the US, at least the ones I check regularly:

Also, you can find some decent pre-bonsai on ebay, but it’s definitely hit-or-miss.

@Blown55, the US National Shohin exhibition is the end of June in Kannapolis NC. They will have venders there. Also the Bonsai learning center is in Mooresville NC that might be a good place for them to start.

Is their intention to grow and keep the tree outdoors? I get frequent questions about how to keep a tree indoors healthy and decorative. Houseplants can stay indoors. Trees cannot in most environments. I have had good plants from Brussel’s The care of a plant after arriving in the mail can be critical to its survival. Thought must be given to winter care and protection during freezes and severe weather.

Thank you all for the suggestions which I will look into and pass on. If it was the UK my job would be easy but I’m at a loss over there. Yes it’s an outdoor tree and we have discussed things as she is an experienced plants person .
I appreciate you all taking the time to answer, thank you.

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