Pre-bonsai in Seattle

I am visiting my grandson in Seattle and he would like to get started with a bonsai tree (he is eleven). My thought was to go to Swanson’s and pick out a juniper in a nursery pot and let him get started on designing it. It there somewhere else I can go that will have shimpakus or something of that sort? Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I live a bit south of Seattle, have not been to nurserys in Seattle or north. I haven’tt seen many Shimpaku in nursaries south of Seattle, Wild Tyme is one of the only places where I’ve seen Shimpaku. They are in Tacoma and they do have a good quantity of smaller Shimpaku. Another option would be to visit Bonsai Northwest in Maple Valley. The are only open on Sunday’s and their stock always changes, sometimes more, sometimes less but they do have pre-bonsai and bonsai. May not be the best place to get a first tree but they usually have fun stuff to browse. I’d probably call before making a long drive. Good luck and enjoy your time with your grandson!

Thanks! I will check those out!

I found Shinpaku at Azusa nursery in Skagit Valley. They have a great selection of trees to choose from.

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Maria at Heartwoods Bonsai is another good source!

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